Pregnancy Massage

A blissful treatment, especially for mothers-to-be. A pregnancy massage is a gentle massage to make you and your baby relax. With this type of massage you’re lying down on one side, so that your belly and back can rest.

A pregnancy means a lot of change and this massage gives extra attention to the areas that receive the most stress during a pregnancy. This massage stimulates the blood circulation in the breasts and reduces discomforts like swollen legs and head and back aches. It also improves your sleep.

As an expectant mother you have enough to worry about, so we love to help you to release all your stress and enjoy the moment. We will not accept clients until the second trimester (14 weeks) of pregnancy, because of the safety of the child.


With a DUO massage, the rate is x 2.

  • 30 minutes € 39,50
  • 60 minutes € 67,50
  • 90 minutes € 99,50
  • 120 minutes € 132,50

Chockdee Packages

  • 30 minutes Foot reflex massage & 60 minutes Traditional Thai massage € 99,50
  • 30 minutes Foot reflex massage & 60 minutes Thai oil massage € 99,50
  • 60 minutes Traditional Thai massage & 60 minutes Thai oil massage € 132,50
Chockdee Cadeaubon

Gift idea!

Need inspiration for an original gift? Why not give someone a relaxing Thai massage! Booking a massage is one of these things you want to do more often, but never find time for it. So surprise a friend or family member who can use a moment to relax. There’s no better gift.

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